Privacy Policy

See also Terms of Service.

  • Data collected are not and will not be shared to non-related agencies or companies.
  • Users have full control over their own data.
    • All information are stored on their smart devices.
    • Users will have the right to decline disclosure of their data.
  • Citizens of Philippines using the app are protected by the Data Privacy Act.

Data Ownership

Users of the app owns their data.

Data Collection

  • Name, phone number and address are collected and stored in the app.


For the purpose of app usage analytics, the following anonymized data are being collected: OS version, phone model, app session usage duration.

The following app usage events are also being logged for analytics:

  • New contact logged
  • Info slip details changed
  • Contacts exported

Data Usage

  • Name, phone number and address encoded in a QR code will function as a virtual info slip.